Fishing Bridge • Yellowstone, WY

≈ July 15, 2018 ≈

We didn’t take a picture of this campground.  It was just bumper to bumper rigs.  Fishing Bridge really just gives you a place to park while you go out to explore Yellow Stone.  Definitely not a destination campground! Visited Lamar and Hayden Valleys and saw so much wildlife! We saw herds of bison, elk, several antelope, a coyote up close, and a bald eagle circling overhead.

Taken out the front window of the truck


My closest encounter with a wild animal!  Take out the side window of the truck.

Bison were numerous and would walk down the roads like they owned them! This guy was walking between cars down the yellow line. When he got to our truck he decided it was time to get off the road and cut right in front of our bumper. He brushed right by my window. He also brushed by Sophie’s window in the back. She definitely paid close attention but, acted like it was nothing at all!

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Dave hiked down to the top of a waterfall – lower falls

74c69b034350a4879d88bcecd7d610fc.jpegOn our way to the next stop (Gros Ventre) this elk was right on the side of the road slowing down traffic. We also came to another traffic stop where, thank goodness, Dave finally got to see a grizzly bear in the wild right outside of Yellowstone park. It was about 100 feet from our truck. Several Rangers were there with their bear spray trying to keep traffic moving and making sure it didn’t come up onto the road. It was pretty exciting. We weren’t able to get a decent pic of it because the traffic had to keep slowly moving and it was on Dave’s side rather than mine. That completed the bucket list for wildlife viewing in Yellowstone except for a wolf and maybe a cougar.

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