Gros Ventre, WY • Grand Tetons

The mountains are calling and I must go. —John Muir

« Grand Teton, WY • July 16-21, 2018 »

Grand Tetons on a drive through the national park

3ef9d73605595e73bfe8463cb6250000.jpegBack in the sage brush! No electric or water to the camper. I think Dave actually likes boon-docking much to my dismay. He keeps talking about solar panels for the camper ☹️.

View of mountain from the campground
A river close to the campground

431d44c8f66571866d15adb84f428324.jpegJackson Hole Town Square Elk Arches. There were four of these arches with one on each corner. Dave remembers seeing these when he visited here as a child.

Dave took this picture of Fabian & Sandra on a snowpack on the way to Solitude Lake

Dave hiked to Lake Solitude and met a young Swiss couple (both school teachers). They hiked most of the trail together and e-mailed several of their trail pictures to him. The moose was on the trail and was very stubborn to move off as they tried to get past. They even saw a grizzly, but were only able to take a pic of his backside going into the brush.

Hiking Lake Solitude
The Swiss couple took this.  I LOVE this picture, it is so cute!
They got a better picture of a moose than we did.

744125dcfef69dee95f3cc0f8c64b81b.jpegThe Grand Tetons was an amazing area with many great hiking trails and all kinds of wildlife. Except for the heat during the day we spent a wonderful five days here.


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