McKinney, GA • Tellus Again Rally

Acworth GA • July 31- Aug 5, 2018

Before coming to this Southeastern Camping Unit rally we stayed at four other Core of Engineer sites.  They were all wonderful and we enjoyed them all, but they were more relaxing than spectacular like the National Parks.

This is what the first Tellus Rally was like in December 2017.  We have a few dings on our camper roof where snow laden branches fell on top during the night. We never made it to the Tellus Museum.
This time around (Tellus Again Rally) we had a nice waterfront site with some rain, but NO snow!  Sophie didn’t know quite what to think about the two overly friendly geese and would have bolted after them if she wasn’t leashed.
IMG_1949 3.jpg
We visited the Booth Museum of Western Art before the other campers arrived.  This was one of the very best museums we’ve gone to.
IMG_1962 2.jpg
We visited Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History with the group.  Here we are waiting for the rest of the group to go to lunch.
Yes!!  We made it to the Tellus Science Museum!  Unfortunately, our unit President, Nancy Gore, was called back home for a family emergency. (Thanks for the picture Beth!)



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