Seven Points COE, TN

Mt Juliet TN • Sept 9-14, 2018

This was a gorgeous campground. I would say it is one of the nicest Core of Engineers sites we’ve stayed at. Unfortunately we were not able to get a waterfront site. On most Core sites you wouldn’t be able to launch a kayak from your site, but this one you could.

IMG_2006 2.jpg
This is the J Percy Priest Reservoir. We kayaked around a couple of islands in it.  One of the islands had many primitive tent camp sites.  It looked great for those who like to rough it and carry everything in their boat.
IMG_2004 5.jpg
There were many ‘day use’ areas several miles from our campground that we rode bikes to.  They all had swimming, fishing, and picnic areas.  They were all amazingly nice!
IMG_2007 2.jpg
Even though not on the water, our site was really nice.  This is Dave, as we are getting ready to leave, rolling in the canopy.

We’d love to come back to this campground with a waterfront site and stay a few weeks.  The bike riding and kayaking were great.

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