Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada

8/7-11 • 4 nights at site #209B

This was our last park in Canada and our most favorite. There were great hiking and biking opportunities here.

When biking the Marie Louise Loop around the lake we came upon a red fox laying in the road. He barely got off the road for us and then trotted behind us for a while. We’ve seen more red fox in Canada than any place else. Unfortunately the wind was too strong and the water too choppy to kayak here.

Note: It’s been a bunch of years since I’ve added posts on the site and I know there may be some who are not interested in being notified by email on them so just hit ‘unsubscribe’ if that is the case. Otherwise, I may start using this again on some of our more interesting travels and may also go back and post some of the previous stops for this current trip.

The Sleeping Giant on the horizon
Dave’s hike to the top of the Giant
The Gorge • End point of the Top of the Giant Hike
The fox decided to get off the road while being photographed
Nice sized campsite and finally had the power pole close and not shared!

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