Temperance River State Park

Schroeder Minnesota

August 11-12, 2022 • 1 night in site #15.

We are back in the USA after 6 weeks in Canada!! Going through US customs was horrible. They took bell peppers, three avocados, sweet potatoes, two packs of chicken thighs and eggs. BUT, then we had to turn around and take the eggs and chicken back to Canada and put in their dumpster!! I think the customs officer read the label on the cherry and vine ripe tomatoes and seeing that they were not grown in Canada and let us keep them. We need to try and get more information about what USA allows to come back in from Canada next time. Getting into Canada was a breeze, getting out was expensive!

We only stayed one night at Temperance River unfortunately. But did manage to get some biking and hiking in. It would definitely be a campground I’d return to.

Gorge going from upper to lower campground
Lake Superior along the campground
Inlet to Lake Superior

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