Hiking the Buffalo River Prairie

Buffalo River State Park Campground • Glyndon MN • 3 nights –

This is quite different hiking than we are accustomed to being mostly flat and grassy. I LIKE it! It does feel strange not being surrounded by tall trees and woods, but this kind of hiking is definitely different, fun, and really interesting.

There are many hiking paths through the prairie. Our first day we hiked 6.5 miles combining several trails. The second day we hiked the Bluestem and Prairie View Trails (5 miles). Both were very unique to other hiking trails we’ve experienced all over the states. With over 250 species of wildflowers and grasses and many kinds of pollinators, interesting is an understatement!

Many kinds of wild flowers
There were several kinds of daisies
This prairie is actively researched
The trails were wide with mown grass which made for really easy walking.
I never could get a picture of all the Monarch Butterflies all along the trail. They weren’t the only butterflies.
I have no idea what kind of caterpillar this is! It was right on the trail and I’m glad I didn’t step on it. We took a moment to ponder the design and colors.
Looked like alien cucumber pods! According to Google it is some kind of milkweed. No wonder so many monarch butterflies.
Enough trails to keep us busy for a couple of days
Fargo Air Museum

Today was a special day. Dave turned the big 70! We visited the Fargo Air Museum which he thoroughly enjoyed. I then I treated him to lunch at Plaza Azteca in Fargo which was delicious!

Buffalo River is a beautiful campground. Even has electric! 😊

We enjoyed this small campground and the hiking activities here. Unfortunately they do not allow bikes on the trails even though they would be great for that. The Buffalo River is not kayak-able. It was fun exploring Fargo, ND some today.

Our next stop is Eggerts Landing COE Campground in Valley City, ND.

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