About Janet & Dave


Both of us are retired and found that traveling is a fantastic way to try and stay active for as long as we can. We purchased an Airstream trailer five years ago and have been on the go since. Our goal has been to see all the interesting parts of the United States, or as much as we can, while we can!

The last five years of meeting new people and seeing new places has been a blast. Dave loves chatting with other campers as he coaxes information out about the best places to experience. It is so much fun to learn about how all the other people in the USA live and sometimes how they talk too. We say ‘ya’ll’ a lot, so I’m sure they know that we are from the south.

We think of ourselves as half timers…. we travel about six month of the year. And, we also think of ourselves as ‘reverse snowbirds’…… we travel to cooler places when it heats up during the summer in Mississippi.

Hope to see ya’ll down the road!

Janet & Dave

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