Henrys Lake, ID • Yellowstone

If you run from a wolf, you may run into a bear. —Lithuanian

Island Park ID • July 12-15, 2018

Saw many antelope on our way here. Some were pretty close to the road where I was able to get a good look. They are really beautiful animals.

As we got closer to the campground we had to pull over for a zebra muscle inspection on our kayaks. Apparently they are trying to keep this invasive species out and we do have them in the Gulf Coast. They just washed the kayaks down with a pressure sprayer while still in the truck. We’ll go into Yellowstone from this campground but will leave the kayaks at the campground to avoid several more inspections there.

385c5fecfa66c9b2e8cd767f0e73dea1.jpegSuper pretty campground with a large lake and mountains all around. Notice some of the mountains still have snow on them!

0754744a1d7ebff93600f7265dd4d1b0.jpegWe We saw two Trumpeter Swans on the lake at the campground this morning. So beautiful!

On a walk with the dogs we saw magpies (which we’ve seen in other states in the west). AND, I finally saw a moose! Too far away to get a decent picture with my iPhone. Later when I took my digital camera we didn’t see it.

3abc31768d61e03d9c0f55f04d07e240.jpegWe went into Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful. Waited about 45 minutes with several hundred other people for it to erupt.

7c40dc1d58ea5716b6b3d34a1dd2eed9.jpeg948a00440b6fa597eca5351eb6867422.jpegWe visited several hot springs and paint pots (boiling mud). The sulfer smell was pretty disgusting!

One night, on my birthday, we went into West Yellowstone for dinner at Cafe Madriz. The chef there was from Spain and made delicious paella. The sangria was the best ever! From there we walked to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. I’m not fond of zoos but this place was amazing. The seven grizzlies there for some reason or another could no longer be in the wild. Same with the wolves and raptors.
6b3248f3ba6bb0e82973317e5ae48b97.jpegIt took me a minute to figure out what else besides the Bear was in this!! There were ravens all over the place because they hid food under the rocks for the bears to forage. This one just happened to fly up as I took the pic!

bc4fbfac1927dd49493592b326d6a81b.jpegf2a47a09d34fd9445f668dc61121cb43.jpegThis is not what I expected wolves to look like. This kind had amazingly long skinny legs and were SO white!

We are headed today for a one night stay at Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone.

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